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Audio CDs

  • Loving Kindness Meditations
    $11.99 Loving Kindness Meditation
    Loving Kindness is a meditation which is well known to those who practice mindfulness and is usually directed towards others. In this meditation we direct loving kindness toward the parts of our own body/minds which we may...
  • The Bundle of Meditations includes:
Meditations for the Mindfulness-Solution to Pain (Download available only);
Sleep Meditation CD;
Nature Meditation CD;
Loving Kindness Meditation CD
    $54.95 Master Collection of CD's
    The Master Collection of CD's, Includes the Following: Meditations for the Mindfulness Solution to Pain (Download available only) Sleep Meditation CD Nature Meditation CD Loving Kindness for the Mind/Body in Pain...
  • Meditations for the Mindfulness Solution to Pain
    $24.95 Meditations for the Mindfulness Solution to Pain
    Please Note:  Meditations for the Mindfulness Solution to Pain is not available in CD, but can be purchased as a download only.  To order the download please click here Mindful Pain Solutions Your mood, thoughts...
  • Nature Meditations
    $11.99 Nature Meditations
    Finding strength, beauty and peace in natural structures in our environment is not a new concept. Joining with, and embodying, the characteristics of these natural phenomena in Nature, in these meditations,...
  • Sleep Meditation
    $11.99 Sleep Meditation
    Sleep is crucial to our wellbeing and affects our immune system, energy, and moods. Sleeping medications usually have only temporary effectiveness if used constantly. Many chronic pain sufferers have great difficulty...